Supply of pump units for boron concentrate

Project: „Supply of pump units for boron concentrate from 5.6 TB30D01.02, 03”
Client: NPP – Kozloduy
Contract: 162000004/22.01.16
Execution: Our company supplies 6 pumping units for boron solution production by Grundfos Denmark.

Pumping units

  • 1.1. Manufacturer company – Grundfos Denmark. Grundfos Denmark is a global leader in the world of modern pumping solutions.
  • 1.2. Type:
    – 1.2.1. First Lot – NKG50-32-250/218A2F2KE-SDQQK.
    – 1.2.2. Second Lot – NKG65-40-200/215A2F2KE-SDQQK


Non-self-priming, single-stage centrifugal pump, designed in accordance with ISO 5199 in size and rated performance in accordance with ISO 2858. The flanges are PN 16 in size in accordance with EN 1092-2. The pump has an axial suction port, a radial discharge port and a horizontal shaft. It has a rear disassembly design that allows removal of the coupling, the bearing bracket and the impeller without interfering with the pump housing or piping. Lower-mounted motor.The pump and motor are mounted on a common frame.Grundfos axial suction pumps offer energy efficiency, reliability and high quality


  • The pumps comply with the ISO 5199 standard, which, according to the Kozloduy NPP clarification, is the acceptable standard of use;
  • Suction and discharge flanges are in accordance with DIN 1092-2. ATP-Atomtoploproject Ltd. has provided transitions together with the equipment that fully meet the requirements of Kozloduy NPP for connection to the existing pipelines.
  • The sizes and nominal characteristics of the pumps comply with ISO 2858 for austenitic steel chemical pumps;
  • The mechanical shaft seal complies with EN 12756 and is selected for use with boron concentrate;
  • All pumps are balanced according to class 6.3 standard ISO 1940-1;
  • Characteristic tolerance in accordance with ISO 9906: 2012 3B;
  • The pump and motor are without direct coupling and are mounted on a common frame in accordance with ISO 3661;
  • The performance of each pump is checked in accordance with ISO 9906: 2012 3B;
  • Vibration test and report in accordance with ISO 5199.

Seismic analysis and test:

  • 4.1. Prior to delivery: Seismic analysis was performed on the pumps with the ASTRA NPP 2013 software complex. The seismic analysis is performed for seismic impact, corresponding to the seismic effect at the height at which the pumping units will be installed.
  • 4.2. Following delivery, a seismic test (test) of the pump units was carried out, whereby two pump units (one of a kind) were subjected to a real seismic effect corresponding to the seismic effect of the elevation at which the pump units would be mounted.

The pumping units for 5 Kozloduy NPP power units were installed during the 2017 yearly repair.