Supply of “Danube” installation for Treatment of liquid radioactive waste for Kozloduy NPP

Project: „Supply of “Danube” installation for Treatment of liquid radioactive waste for Kozloduy NPP”
Client: „NPP – Kozloduy“
Execution: 2004÷2013
Description: he installation is designed for the processing and conditioning of waste of low and medium radioactive contaminated water. The project incorporates the development of Technical and Detailed Design for transportable installation designed for treatment and purification of waste water from the washing machine spec, showers and ladders of mechanical, chemical and radioactive contamination. Their processing is necessary for the attainment of the relevant regulations criteria before so the treated water to be transferred to the control tanks of the plant.

For all blocks and modules installation “Danube” were made necessary static and seismic calculations of both the modules and the connecting pipelines, together with the building construction. Analysis of the results showed that satisfied all the criteria of allowable stresses.

The overall operation of the plant “Danube” was developed project documentation for its accession to existing energy sources and networks, as follows:

  • Project documentation for feeding of heating vapor to the evaporating module
  • Project documentation for discharge and utilization of the condensate of heating steam including calculation and selection of heat exchanger (cooler) of condensate
  • Project documentation for discharge of mergers and leakages of modules to existing special draining
  • Project documentation for connecting service water supply system of the plant with the evaporator module cooler condensate of heating steam and ensuring washing of sampling holes
  • Design of the ventilation system installation “Danube”
  • Designing a compressed air system
  • System design for joining the washout water from the plant to control tanks of the NPP
  • Design of the system for the accession of the plant to the electrical system of the plant
  • Designing lighting installation