ATP Company was founded in 2000. The main business includes design, research, analysis, delivery of components and equipment for conventional and nuclear power. At present ATP implement projects related to the processing and storage of radioactive waste. After 2010, the company expanded its activities to the implementation of a number of contracts related to industrial and civil construction.

In its work the ATP maintains direct contacts with leading companies in the field of nuclear and heat energy from the United States, France, Russia, the Czech Republic, Austria, Finland, Ukraine, Italy and Germany.

For quality and precise execution of the tasks the company has modern equipment for research and design – computers legislation (standards and methodologies) and related software. With the help of licensed software packages solve basic research and project tasks and construction thermomechanical part in NPP and TPP.

The company has developed its own software for the analysis of the fatigue of the equipment parameter probabilistic analysis, static and dynamic strength analysis of piping systems and equipment.

Management Policy