Subject: Development of preliminary project design and technical report for modernization of CFPP Varna PLC in order to meet current ecological requirements in line with the environment legislation standards.

Description: Development of preliminary project design proposed a combination between the recognised technology of Haldor Topsoe company to purify smoke gases from NOx and a relatively less familiar technology based on ammonia method to purify gases from SOx. Purification from SOx via this method guarantees the final product to be nitrogen based fertilizer, generating revenue, in stead of a harmful product subject to deposition.

The aim of the project is to achieve the emission limit values:

NOx max. 200 mg / Nm3
SO2 max. 200 mg / Nm3
Powder max. 20 mg / Nm3
Envisaged in the draft basic facilities to achieve these objectives are:

Denitrification – reconstruction of burners and boilers and installing ducts in reactors catalysts for SCR (selective catalytic reduction) with ammonia reagent;

Desulphurisation – absorbers with ammonia-sulphate process (unlike conventional desulphurisation with limestone) as a final product which is derived from a liquid nitrogen fertilizer (ammonium sulfate);

Purifying dust – complete reconstruction of electrostatic precipitators with changing crowning electrodes, shaking devices and tension.

Installations include auxiliary farms as a warehouse for ammonia evaporation station, plant for liquid crystal fertilizer, modernization of the tailing pond and more.

Performance duration: 2012-2013