Project: „Design, supply and installation of diesel pump units 5,6UJ81,82D01 и 5,6VB23,24D01”
Client: „NPP – Kozloduy“
Contract: № 342000005/07.11.2014 г
Execution: 11.2014÷05.2017

Diesel pumps 5,6UJ81,82D01 serve to supply water to the fire protection system at the NPP site in the absence of power supply of the 5,6UJ31 ÷ 33D01 fire protection system pumps powered by electric motors.

Diesel Pumps 5,6VB23,24D01 serve to supply water to cool the water pools for cooling systems due to power shortage of the stationary pumps with electric drive 5,6VB21,22D01.

The pump unit is Grundfos FIRE-HSEF 6-18 / 424 D-G-X-A-S-B-F. The pump is powered by a John Deere 4-stroke diesel engine with a rated output of 233 kW and a nominal revolutions of 2100 min -1

Each unit has a separate fuel tank sufficient for 6 hours of continuous operation without overcharging.